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Liam Ridgewell has been at Portland Timbers for one-and-a-half years - and hes really enjoying life in MLS. The former Aston Villa, Birmingham and West Brom defender captained Timbers to their first-ever MLS Cup trophy last season, beating Columbus Crew 2-1 in the final.With another 2-1 win against Columbus last weekend to mark the opening game of the season, Portland now make the trip to California to face San Jose Earthquakes on Sunday - live on Sky Sports. Ahead of the game, we asked Ridgewell 10 MLS-related questions. Take a look at what he had to say as he tells us all about his own career and life stateside.What was it like winning the MLS Cup last season? Portland Timbers won MLS Cup in 2015 It was a huge achievement - for the city and for the organisation, it was massive. A lot of people didnt expect us to do it, nobody thought we could get anywhere near it, but we knew of the teams capabilities and we knew we could do it if we performed on the day.How did it compare to winning the League Cup with Birmingham in 2011? Ridgewell won the League Cup with Birmingham in 2011 On the day I was excited and said it was better than winning the League Cup but it is definitely on par with it.It was such a special thing with Birmingham, it might even have been a greater achievement to win the League Cup with them because we were such outsiders going against Arsenal, but winning the MLS Cup was a big achievement.As MLS Cup holders, when do you get to meet President Barack Obama? Winning MLS Cup means the chance to meet Barack Obama We havent been told when we meet him! Id say it will be when we play DC United away so thatll come towards the end of the season.It will be unbelievable to meet him, it will be extra special being the captain and being able to get a couple of minutes with him and to shake his hand. Itll be a massive thing, thats for sure.Whats the aim this season after winning MLS Cup last year? Portland Timbers surprised many by winning MLS Cup last season Its going to be a difficult year for us. Last year people were tipping everyone else. This year the spotlight is going to be on us in every game to keep on winning, so its going to be more difficult.But weve got the capacity in the team to carry on winning and go and do it again. We did it last year and made a couple of additions in the pre-season. Were looking good, looking strong so why cant we win it again? Its going to be very tough because people are going to be looking at us as champions and wanting to beat us, so its something weve got to get used to quite quickly.You play San Jose Earthquakes live on Sky Sports this weekend, whos their main threat? Ridgewell thinks Chris Wondolowski is one of San Joses most dangerous players Theyve got Chris Wondolowski, who is a very good centre forward and plays for the national team, he scores a lot of goals. Theyre a very strong outfit and Im sure this year theyll be looking to do a lot more [than last season] and are a team weve really got to look out for.What Portland players should we be keeping an eye on this season? Portand Timbers Darlington Nagbe was called up to the US national team in November last year Darlington Nagbe is certainly running the midfield every time we play. Hes such a big player for us and to now get into the USA national team is even bigger.Hes going to go on and do bigger things and a lot more with his career. Were lucky to have him to be perfectly honest and is a good player to have in our team. With him and Diego Chara in the midfield, and if we can get Fanendo Adi scoring goals like last season with 16, well be up and running.Other than Portland, who has the most passionate fans in MLS? Seattle Sounders fans are known to be very loud and passionate about their club Seattle are very big rivals to us. They pack out their stadium, so theyre certainly passionate about their team.Whenever we play them with it being a derby. Theyre certainly very loud. Its always nice to play there and you certainly hear them thats for sure.Can MLS ever compete with the Premier League? Steven Gerrard (R) joined MLS last season I definitely think it can. The way the league is going theres a lot of investment into it, and theyre doing it the right way by not letting the investment get too out of control.When you get these players like Steven Gerrard, David Villa, Frank Lampard coming over here its a different lifestyle and type of place. Its enjoyable as well so theres no reason why it cant grow and get better. Your Lumberjack mascot Timber Joey… do you see him often? Timber Joey is a much loved figure in Portland We see him all the time! He travels with us to away games, we see him at home games before we go out and train...if were lucky enough we get to have a beer with him or see him out in Portland.Theres no other stadium in the world where you see someone cutting a log with a chainsaw. Its just incredible really and its such a good experience. You wouldnt get to experience that kind of thing back at home so its another perk of coming to play in MLS.Do you see yourself finishing your career in MLS? Liam Ridgewell (R) was on loan at Brighton during the off-season, and could see himself returning to play in England one day Id like to go back and play one day back in England but Ive only got a year left on my contract at Portland Timbers.Im talking to the club at the minute so hopefully that will go well but you never know how thats going to go so it could be my last season this year.Hopefully it isnt but it might be. I might be playing at home sooner than I expected but I think Im always going to come home with my kids being at home, my family. Id like to play at home one more time. Also See: MLS: Galaxy start with win WATCH: MLS top 5 young players Weekend Menu on Sky Sports WATCH: Federico Higuain over-head kick Jordan Crawford Pelicans Jersey . - Florida State has suspended Jameis Winston for the entire game against Clemson on Saturday, extending its initial punishment of one half after the quarterback made offensive and vulgar comments about female anatomy earlier this week. Jrue Holiday Jersey .A. Dickey, even though he was coming off a Cy Young Award in 2012. Many felt the Jays would regret giving up righthanded pitcher prospect Noah Syndergaard and catcher Travis DArnaud over the long haul. http://www.pelicansbasketballpro.com/Etwaun-Moore-Pelicans-Jersey/.A. Happ capped a challenging season with one of his best efforts of the year. DeMarcus Cousins Jersey . Matt Carkner got back into the Ottawa lineup, and made his presence felt right away by settling his clubs score in a one-sided fight with Rangers forward Brian Boyle. Solomon Hill Pelicans Jersey . Pospisil, whose season-ending goal is to improve his ATP Tour ranking enough to qualify for one of the 32 seedings at Januarys Australian Open, dominated Karlovic in 59 minutes. The world No. 40 never faced a break point and limited the big mans threatening ace count to a mere eight, while striking five key aces of his own.DOHA, Qatar - Men crammed together, dozens to a room, on bunk beds so close they can reach over and shake hands.Qatar, on paper at least, has rules that forbid such uncomfortable conditions for its massive workforce of migrant labourers. Yet this is how the government-owned transport company, which the Gulf nation will use to ferry visitors around the 2022 World Cup, has housed some of its workers.As Qatar employs legions of migrants to build stadiums and other works for the football showcase, widespread labour abuses documented by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other critics have blackened its name and $160 billion preparations.Hundreds of worker deaths, many apparently from cardiac arrests, have also fueled concerns that labourers are being overworked in desert conditions and shoddily treated. Reporting this April on a fact-finding mission, the U.Ns special adviser on migrants rights, Francois Crepeau, cited anecdotal evidence that too many of these mostly young men return home in a coffin.Problems, The Associated Press found, arent limited to the construction sector.Accommodation for drivers of buses and of Qatars distinctive turquoise taxis is a walled-off compound in the bleak industrial zone of Doha, the capital. Dust-covered cadavers of burned-out buses and broken taxis abandoned on surrounding wasteland make the luxury malls and gleaming towers of central Doha seem far away.The compound walls and flag over the main gate bear the name Mowasalat. The transporter plans to have 7,000 taxis on the roads by the World Cup.In one dormitory block, in what drivers said was meant to be a recreation room for table tennis and other pastimes, the AP saw two dozen bunk beds in three tight lines.The arrangements were apparently meant to be only temporary, but drivers said they had lived like this for months. Without lockers, they hung clothes and towels from bed frames. In a corner, one man gave another a shave. Drivers said around 30 of them were housed there and that other blocks in the compound which the AP didnt visit had similarly crowded rooms.Yet a 2005 ministerial decree said workers should not be housed more than four to a room or be made to sleep in bunks.In its company brochure, Mowasalat speaks of excellent housing facilities for employees. But even a standard dormitory room the AP saw slept six, also on bunks. Drivers said the close living is physically and morally wearing, with rest difficult and quarrels easy.Mowasalat did not reply to emailed questions. But it did appear to thin out numbers in the supposed recreation rooms after the AP showed a photo of the cramped conditions to Mowasalat executives. Drivers subsequently reached by phone said some of them were moved to other rooms. One said he was transferred from a room with 43 drivers, where he spent two months, to another with 16, still on bunks.Thanks for highlighting our plight to some Mowasalat management, another driver wrote by email to the AP.dddddddddddd Since you raised the mat(t)er they have slightly decongested the common room. Still it is no decent way for workers to live but its a step forward.Qatars World Cup organizers are trying to limit the reputational damage of labour abuses by treating their own workers better than the norm.Officials for the Supreme Committee putting together the World Cup gave the AP a tour of housing for stadium builders from Southeast Asia. They sleep three to a room, some with en-suite bathrooms, and on their own beds, not bunks, with curtains for additional privacy. They even have a pool. In the free canteen, workers heaped their plates with rice, flatbreads and curries.In his consulting room with the sign WE ARE HERE FOR YOU on one wall, the camps jovial doctor said the workers health problems are generally no more serious than allergic coughs and sniffles from working in dust and sand, skin itches from sweating, and the aches, pains, sprains and scrapes of manual labour.World Cup workers are also covered by special regulations which lay out their right to be treated in a manner that ensures at all times their wellbeing, health, safety and security and detail how contractors must ethically recruit, promptly pay, and decently house them.The Supreme Committees power to award tournament-related contracts also gives it leverage to force improvements.I have had to make the phone call several times to contractors to say Sorry mate, weve been to your camp. We dont think youre treating your people the way we want anyone on our sites to be treated, so youre out of the running, I cant work with you, said Tamim el-Abed, project manager of Lusail Stadium earmarked for the 2022 opening game and final.They scrabble around trying to pull together a superficial Band-Aid response. We see through that, he said. Sometimes they do a genuine turn-around and they improve their facilities.Its about culture change, he said.However, to critics, singling out World Cup workers for better treatment smacks of double standards. They want deeper, across-the-board reforms for all.Even at the stadium builders facility, not all are treated equally. A Kenyan security guard there complained to the AP that six sleep in his small room, on bunks. Supreme Committee officials said the man isnt directly employed by them but by a subcontractor.Putting in place a two-tier labour system, which is what they are talking about, is not much of a legacy, said Nicholas McGeehan, a Middle East researcher for Human Rights Watch.I dont think its something that we should accept, McGeehan said. Its OK to protect World Cup workers but its not OK to protect, what, transport workers? Taxi drivers? Cleaners? Do they not deserve the same?___Rob Harris can be followed at —www.twitter.com/RobHarris and John Leicester at —www.twitter.com/JohnLeicester NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Discount Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Jerseys NFL China NFL Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '

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